S C A N L A N D   L I M I T E D






 our pallet wood,  we stock boards bearers and block
 Below we have a list of Pallet stock sizes, Latvian Timber, shipped to both Liverpool and Grimsby Docks.  

We can supply on Free On Motor (FOM) basis from Quay, or delivered direct  from Quay and Mill.

 We can also supply on forward contract basis Portuguese, Latvian and Home Grown Timber cut to your specification.  Just fax, phone or e-mail and we will quote price and availability tailored to your needs.

The picture of Pallet wood boards (above right), was taken on quay at Liverpool Docks.  That particular Timber was ordered in to Liverpool Docks on forward Contract basis.  Once the Timber was discharged by the Shipper it was delivered straight into the Customers yard.

BOARDS 1000   95   15
1000   95   18
1000   95   20
1200   95   15
1200   95   18
1200   95   20
1200   90   70
1200   90   90
1200   95   95
1000   95   35
1200   95   35

Our Pallet timber can be used by Pallet Manufacturers to make new Pallets, or to repair old  Pallets for re-sale.